I returned back home a week ago. After traveling for 3,5 months in tropical climate, spending a lot of time in beautiful lush nature and meeting a lot of amazing people, coming back to my small apartment in cold Germany during lock down is truly a challenge. Even if the sun is out almost every day.

This time is a challenge for all of us, I guess. Maybe for different reasons. For some the fear of the virus might bring the deeply rooted fear of death to the conscious. For others it might be depression knocking at the door, because their life feels empty without the daily schedule of work and other businesses. Some, living single, might struggle with loneliness, some with feeling trapped with their families or house mates and wish they had more privacy. Many might feel anxiety about their financial situation. Most of us are probably feeling confused and overwhelmed by not knowing how long the situation will last for.

I think all of these emotions are ok and worth feeling them. None of them or any other strong feelings coming up are surprising or shameful. If they get overwhelming, I want to encourage everybody to reach out! To a friend, your family members or if needed to a professional and honestly speak about what´s coming up!

It´s also ok to actually enjoy this time of slowing down. To enjoy having no plans and more time. To enjoy spending more time with your kids, to read all the books you always wanted to read, to cook, get creative or to even be more in (virtual) contact with your friends.

It´s ok- ALL of it! We are all doing great!

Me personally, I mostly enjoyed the last week of isolation. Without making any plans, I was able to slowly cure my jetlag and settle in. But I realized that I sometimes get still overwhelmed: there are so many online meetings, lessons and other offers popping up now- not even talking about news, statistics and articles about the virus. I´m very tempted to spend a lot of time online and to run into a new kind of business.

Don´t get me wrong. I love all the offerings and I know that for a lot of small companies or self-employed people (dance instructors, music schools, gyms, artists, .. to just name a few) this is the only way to survive now. And all of them have my full support and admiration for how fast they´ve been able to adapt to the situation and find new ways to reach their customers. But still, I try not to “hide” online.

I also don´t want to spend this time waiting. Waiting until it´s over and we go back to “normal”. The question is: Do we really want to go back to “normal”? Which parts of the old “normal” do we want to go back to and which parts do we want to change or let go of?

We’re all being sent HOME now, from both an outside and an inside perspective. We are basically all sent to a HOMERETREAT. We all need to do our HOMEWORK. (Roxana Elena Foell)

No one is able to press the “pause button” of my life. There is less movement happening outside. But like this, there might be more movement possible on the inside.

I want to take this opportunity and listen to the call for change. The call for change and healing wherever I hear it- in society, mother earth or inside of myself.

I want to journey inwards, face my fears, track them down to the real source, feel them in my body, listen to and acknowledge them, tell them that they don´t serve me anymore and then, in a passionate dance, move the energy, shake the fears off and transform them into the highest vibration: Love!

In this time of physical distance, lock-down, separation and isolation, I see a precious opportunity for reconnecting to myself, to my source of power as well as to all there is. Relearning to feel what really matters. I want to feel my own aliveness and the aliveness around me by moving my awareness to the daily miracles that I take for granted too often:

How precious is the gift of being able to go into nature! I see the sun, the sky, the green of the grass, each flower telling me that spring is here, … with different eyes.

I´m grateful to have a warm home to retreat at and enough healthy food!

How precious is a meeting in person (even with distance) with a friend now! No, I don´t want to waste this time with small talk, I want to connect deeply and share from the heart while we are receiving eachothers vibrations.

I´m blessed to have a healthy body and able to move! I want to use my whole creativity to dig deeper, to process and to express what´s alive! I want to dance, draw, write, sing and play!

What a gift it is, knowing so many people who really care, who are courageously opening their hearts and vibrate their love into the world for it and all of us to heal!

May we take that leap that reminds us that the only real survival that matters is our capacity to love.(Bruce Lyon)

By writing all this, I want us all to feel seen in our struggles and fears. I want to acknowledge that everybody is doing their best to deal with the situation.

Facing death, I hope we can let die some old things, thoughts and habits, that no longer serve us, to make space for others, to be born. I hope we can enjoy every breath and surrender to not being in control. (Are we ever?) I wish for open eyes and hearts and a clear view to see what our indispensable, worth-fighting-for values are.

I want to invite all of us to move our awareness to the limitless pleasure life provides, to stay connected and to use this time for a honest journey inside to reconnect to our source. LOVE. For ourselves. For each other. For the world. Let´s all vibrate LOVE and LIFE!


„Where are you from?“

„From everywhere.“

„No, I mean which country?“

„Country? I am from near, I am from far. My mother is the earth, my father the universe, my grandma the ocean. My brothers and sisters are the animals, my aunties and uncles the stars. Their children, all plants, trees, flowers, are my cousins.“

„But if you are from everywhere, where can I place you?“

„As a tiny little piece of everything, as a tiny little piece even from you.“ (Lena Wendt)


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