I returned back home a week ago. After traveling for 3,5 months in tropical climate, spending a lot of time in beautiful lush nature and meeting a lot of amazing people, coming back to my small apartment in cold Germany during lock down is truly a challenge. Even if the sun is out almost every day.



I always earn a lifted eyebrow, a weird look or the words “I wouldn`t be able to do that”, when I tell people, that I´m travelling by myself. This happens here in Germany as well as anywhere else. Sometimes the message is admiration, sometimes it`s the question “what`s wrong with you?” hidden between the lines. What`s true? None of it? Both? I don´t know and i don´t think it`s important. It`s not like I refuse company while travelling. I actually do enjoy meeting friends during my travels or meeting new people along the way, who I can share some travel time with. But if i`d always waited for someone, who has time and is interested in the same places, I´d probably still not have made it very far. So, I just decided to give solo travelling a shot. And I liked it. Here I´m going to try to explain, why i even enjoy it- mostly.



I enjoyed my time on the Philippines and I`m pretty sure I will come back one day. Actually, I already have a list of things I want to do and places I want to visit when I come back 😉. 4 weeks are just not enough for more than 7000 islands and all this beauty!

Take the time to watch the movie I created of my pictures and my videos- this will give you a good impression. It starts with the big city life of Cebu City, showing a big local market, the extreme differences between poor street life and shiny shopping malls and continues with breathtaking beaches, a little canyoning adventure, more breathtaking beaches and the fascinating under water world of the Philippines….. ENJOY!




I just got off the bus after a 4 hours bus ride from Moalboal back to Cebu City. The distance is only about 85km but traffic is bad, roads are under construction and the bus stops several times to take in more and more people. It was packed and i was lucky to get a seat. Well, kind of. My back and my butt hurt because I´ve been sitting in between 2 seats. My “seat” was in the last row, where the cool kids are 😉. There are 5 official seats, but 7 people. I won’t complain though. A lot of people were standing, which was probably not comfortable regarding the driving skills of the bus driver.



I just spent 6 days in the city of Singapore, which is also called “fine-town”. There are very strict rules to keep this city state running, safe and clean.

I never saw as many “NO“ signs. No smoking, no eating, no drinking, no drugs, no littering, …. Basically no everything except at designated areas. Even chewing gums are forbidden by law in this country! To avoid people spitting them on the floor. This is what I call solving a problem from the root. There is absolutely no trash on the floor. Neither inside, nor outside. You could probably have a surgery anywhere without any risk of infection.



A friend of mine, Joel Torgeson from California, wrote an article about why he dances ( It inspired me to do the same, and even though there are similarities, I wanted to write my personal own love hymn about this amazing way of communicating, the sport and artform itself. So…what makes dancing so addictive to me? The answers are diverse, maybe surprising… and magical:



I love dancing. If you know me, you probably know this fact already.

I often get asked about why and how I started to dance almost 30 years ago. Why I never only committed to one style of dance. And what it is that makes me spend days and nights dancing, bringing my body to the limits and sometimes almost without sleeping. It´s addictive. Because it could be magic.